Genre: Story Telling, Fortune Telling, Cultural Absurdity.


Madame Zelda is a wacky Gypsy who travels the world collecting stories , artefacts, friends and  adventures.

She shares her wild conniptions and zany recollections with everyone she meets along the way.

With her crazy offbeat accent, flamboyance and eclectic belongings, she inspires her audience to share tales of adventures had, describe places visited and show souvenirs treasured.

Through song, dance, instruments and impulsive ideas, Madame Zelda brings the audience into her Gypsy world.

Madame Zelda is a larger than life character – ridiculously energetic and uncontrollably endearing.

Madame Zelda is very, very, very unusual. Very.

She will teach you how to create musical instruments from the contents found within and around her treasure trove - then set up a market stall and sell them back to their owners.

Madame Zelda herself is a jigsaw made of pieces chipped from her travels and encounters.

She is no particular nationality - Madame Zelda represents something from everywhere…

With audience participation, the discarded odds and ends that find their way into Madame Zelda’s collection are all given a use and a purpose.

Prizes are awarded for best Madame Zelda Lookalike!


Duration : 45 mins

Cost : $400 plus gst