Genre: Eco - Swag, Sustainability Groove, Solar Funk


Ready your apron and dancing shoes!

The tiny country of Funkyland is in eco – trouble thanks to its evil and greedy President.

While he is busy spending taxpayers' money on frivolous things, garbage starts to pile up and pollute the land and water.

But when sustainability heroes Flora The Cleaning Lady and Diego The Superbin join forces, a revolution begins.

Sign Flora's petition to legalise mirrorballs in the nation's Capital of Funkytown.

Join the march through the city square demanding clean air, clean streets and cool choreography.

Discover how solar power  can change the world and how funky dance moves are better for the environment,

You’ll be swept off your feet as Flora puts the funky  back into housework and Diego puts the solar back into power.

Children must be accompanied by a responsible broom, dustpan or mirrorball.

(Diego is a solar powered wheelie bin sound system provided courtesy of Powerhouse Museum).


Duration : 45 mins

Cost : $400 plus gst